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    #tagged de serie, NPO3 & KRO-NCRV

    memento / 30 oktober 2018 / TV

    #tagged de serie

    Najaar 2018 online op en YouTube en voorjaar 2019 op televisie


    A series based on our short film #tagged. Six episodes about the influence of mobile phones and social media the everyday lives of young adults (18-30 years old). Told from the point of view of a smartphone.

    The episodes will cover themes like love, privacy, eye-witnessing, FOMO (fear of missing out), chat etiquettes, social feuds, and viral consequences. Humoristically, tragically, thought-provokingly.

    The series is being developed for NPO 3, together with public broadcaster KRO-NCRV.
    Writer/director: Martijn Winkler
    Producer: Mandy Lim
    Production: VERTOV
    year: 2018

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