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    Conscious movement

    memento / 19 oktober 2021 / Conscious Movement, Movement

    Conscious movement sessions

    ‘Conscious movement is like dancing with the eyes closed
    No perfection
    Just breathing
    And moving
    Like we constantly do
    Even when we stand still’

    –Valéry van Gorp

    I give movement sessions as a way to liberate oneself from stuck energy, to let it flow.
    To breathe and to connect. I collaborate with Jason Winter, a beautiful, talented dancer born in Suriname, based in Amsterdam.



    If you like to learn more about me and Conscious movement, please have a read below or visit the website of Delight Yoga!

    Dancing is breathing,
    Breathing is life.

    Valéry’s first encounter with breath, movement and yoga was during her education at the dance academy, later on at the conservatory. She took it on stage while performing and most important in daily life. From that humbling experience she loves to share it with everyone who feels interested.

    Everyone can move and dance. Valéry creates a safe, non-competitive space for both dancers and non-dancers. In her Conscious Movement classes you build from breath, to sound and movement and ultimately to your own, unique expression from the soul.  

    Conscious movement is a very direct, simple and powerful way to open your senses and liberate yourself from stuck energy. To let it flow. That’s what it’s all about: connecting with the present moment, the sense of freedom and its healing effect.

    Valéry’s teachers are Satya Katiza and Kevin Sahaj Wood, with whom she completed the 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training. She keeps exploring, internalizing and from there sharing in the field of arts and wellbeing.