News: Soul Movement in Amsterdam

    memento / 31 januari 2023 / Geen categorie, Movement
    Movement from the soul Soul Movement is a direct and powerful way to connect to your body and soul, through the power of breath, music and movement. As […]

    Soul Movement goes Sicily, Italy

    memento / 29 maart 2022 / Movement, Soul Movement
    Soul Movement & yoga week in Italy This summer Soul Movement travels to Favignana. This tiny island next to Sicily is one of the most raw, idyllic places […]

    Photo exposition Move on Up

    Move on Up So much joy to work with photography duo LenS and be their ‘muse’ for their new exposition Move on Up! For this series Linda and […]

    Soul Movement

    memento / 19 oktober 2021 / Movement, Soul Movement
    Soul Movement sessions ‘Soul Movement is like dancing with the eyes closed No perfection Just breathing And moving Like we constantly do Even when we stand still’ –Valéry […]